Re: Synchronizing core.owl with the documentation

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 15:42:37 -0400

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on the documentation now. For this I went through the updated
> Fresnel core ontology. Great work, but also three issues that might need
> clarification:

Thanks for catching these.

> - The documentation about primaryClasses appears a bit strict to me:
> rdfs:comment "Specifies the classes that should be considered primaries,
> or first class results; secondary resources not matching the primaries will
> only be shown as sublenses. The range is a list of resource
> selectors."_at_en^^dtype:string ;
> isn't it more like:
> rdfs:comment "Specifies the classes that should be considered primaries.
> Primaries are an indicator for the browser which classes in an ontology are
> important and might therefore be used as starting points or be included into
> contents summaries or navigational structures. Example: The person class
> might be considered primary, persons's addresses might be considered
> secondary. The range is a list of resource selectors."_at_en^^dtype:string ;

I don't see what you're trying to get at. Could you explain what you're
trying to differentiate here?

> - fresnel:resourceStyle is a property of fresnel:Lens, all other styling
> hooks are properties of Fresnel:Format. In order to have a clear separation
> between Lens and Format I think the resourceStyle property should be moved
> back to Format. In combination with FSL this would also allow stuff like
> "Display all persons that are older than 30 years with a grey background."

I agree this is important; how do you envision styling a resource?

We had class/instance styling in the extended vocabulary. Do we move
them into core as formatting?

> - the Fresnel:containerStyle has been removed. I guess we want to move it to
> the extended styling vocabulary or do we want to delete it? I would prefer
> the first option.

I haven't been keeping up the extended vocabulary yet. I am fine with
moving it instead of simply deleting it.

> Editorial Change: the line "4. Group Vocabulary" should be removed from the
> Core Format section.


> I will submit an updated version of the manual later today ....
> Chris

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