Re: Synchronizing core.owl with the documentation

From: Chris Bizer <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 11:25:02 +0200

>> What I don't like is the *only* in "[secondaries] will only be shown as
>> sublenses". I thought about primaries more as additional hints that a
>> browser might use to decide which classes make good starting points.
>> Thats's
>> why I would prefer a softer formulation in the text.
>> Do I understand this right?
> That is the intent I had, yes. What would a hint do, in your view? How
> would you decide to follow or not follow the hint? It seems to me we
> should keep from indeterminate or unexpected results as much as we can -
> if I say something, I expect it to happen. If I don't, then let the
> browser decide.

OK.ItÄs just that I saw primaries as additional information a browser might
use or might not use. But this is accutally true for all terms in Fresnel,
so we can also write something strict and implementers who don't like it
just ignore the whole thing.

I have put a placeholder for the description of primaries into the
documentation. Ryan: Could you please update it.


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