Re: Using fresnel:FormatDescription again

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 16:23:57 -0400

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Thinking further about it, we could also get rid of the format description
> at all and attach the content properties directly to the format. Two
> examples.

As we are no longer using a box model, then it is likely someone might
want to describe how to separate properties, making this change
unworkable (i.e., it will not be clear which content is being separated,
values or properties). As much as I don't like format description
because of the difficulty it introduces in writing the ontology, it does
seem like an important element.

> Example: Add commas between property values and a period to the end of a
> list of homepages.
> :formatHomepage rdf:type fresnel:Format ;
> fresnel:formatDomain foaf:homepage ;
> fresnel:contentAfter ", "^^xsd:string ;
> fresnel:contentLast "."^^xsd:string ;
> fresnel:valueStyle "basicLabel"^^fresnel:FormatClass
> .

On a separate issue, is contentLast taking the place of the last comma
produced by contentAfter? Or is it going to look like:

  'red, green, orange, .'

Could we say contentBetween in addition?

> Example: Display a missing value message if a foaf:Person has no email
> address.
> :formatMbox rdf:type fresnel:Format ;
> fresnel:formatDomain foaf:mbox ;
> fresnel:contentNoValue "This person has no email
> address."^^xsd:string .
> And move the ability to add additional content before and after resources to
> the extended format vocabulary, where it fits better because this feature
> would anyway be used together with instanceFormat or classFormat.

See my last message on what to do with resourceStyle, which will affect

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